My Story

Abbie Lytle is the owner of "AFL Pottery" and the previous online store "Eleanor's Room" 

Hello friends!  Abbie here, I just wanted to say "Thanks" for stopping by and getting to know me. This girl is driven by creativity and I am so glad that you are interested in learning a little about my journey. I hope this will help you understand who I am and what I do. This tiny biz has taken some twists and turns since starting out almost 5 years ago. From furniture painting to home decor, this has been a heck of a ride and a wonderful learning experience.

In early 2018 I opened my store right next door to a pottery studio. We basically shared square footage in the same building. This was my introduction into the world of clay. I took a nosedive straight into ceramics and thank goodness for that gift. I had no idea how much this new skill would help me continue to support my family during the covid shut downs last year. 

When my father became ill in 2019, I decided to close the doors on my home decor brick & mortar store "Eleanor's Room," and move all of my creativity strictly online. This was my first business and it was named in honor of my grandmother Eleanor. A remarkable woman who had a passion for art & language and a huge impact on my life as a small child

With the closing of that life chapter and a full year of consistent pottery making under my belt, the Lord has moved in my heart a desire to use my creative gift to help others. I truly enjoy designing pieces that make people feel good, while supporting my family and using those funds to give to those in need through charity.

Aside from pottery, I am a wife & mother of two amazing boys. I am passionate about my kiddos and they are passionate about legos & video games. Go figure!