The Amateurs Guide To Interior Design

I could never be a minimalist, so if you’re into that sort of thing, these probably won’t be steps you’ll want to follow. I don’t like clutter, but I looove baubles and texture.  Also, because we all know I am not a professional decorator (Have I mentioned that?) I would encourage you to find a beautiful set up you do like on Pinterest, or in other blogs and see if you can recreate it to fit your taste. These are steps I’ve learned and have applied to fit my design for end tables and coffee tables on my own because I couldn't afford an interior decorator. Staging your space can be difficult, but honestly there is so much inspiration out there on the internet, that you can totally do this on your own.

Let’s start with books! I absolutely love an old dirty vintage book just like the next, boho/farmhouse girl, but they are not always easy to find or cheap to buy. If you are lucky enough to find them at the local flea market for a $1, thats great. In my area people have caught on that old equals $$$ and they know people will pay through the nose right now for vintage.  So what do I do?  I gave up on the idea of stacking vintage Jane Austen in my living space and settled with going through my book collection from college. I pulled all the covers off the hard bound books and I display them with the pages facing forward. The few vintage books I've been able to snag for cheap, are mixed in with the newer more modern ones, so it's not so obvious. I get the look and no one knows or cares that it’s just a stack of Twilight novels.  Over time, if they collect a little dust and discolor on their own, even better! If you don’t have any hard bound books laying around, stop by your local goodwill. They are always selling for around $1-$3 a piece, sometimes less.


Next I like to think about the height of items I display. We are trying to create balance and a flow. So, fluctuating the height of your decor will make it a more pleasing display than if all the decor are the same height. I like to use several pieces that come in different shapes, sizes and heights to give it more interest.

I also like to use items that have been left to me by family members. So the next time your aunt tries to push some old dishes, bottles or wall hangings off on you, take them. I used to turn my nose up at things like that all the time. Now, I accept them gratefully and stash them away for when I move decor around the house. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put out random little items and guests stop and ask me about them. They show interest and reflect that you put personal history into that space.

Don’t forget to add life to your environment. Every serious interior designer always add flowers or some sort of plant to their design. If you are like me and have trouble keeping things alive (it’s true) Stop by your local Hobby lobby and put together a beautiful arrangement. Also, you can’t go wrong with fresh flowers. You can buy a beautiful little bouquet at the grocery for $3.99 and they will last all week. Not only will this bring color to your space, it will lift your spirits.

I hope this is helpful! Some of this may be things you already know, but I put this together because it is not easy work updating the look of your home. Also, don’t ever throw out your personal taste just because you feel its not the trend. This is something I found myself doing. Now, I put out my personal favorites first then incorporate the latest trends.

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