Basket Wall Inspiration


I have to be honest, this is not a style that I thought I'd have in my home! It really grew on me. I started to see some super cute rattan baskets and found myself swooning over this boho look. Anthropologie is great about drawing me in for style, but when it comes to the price, I have to walk away. That doesn't mean that I won't use Anthropologie as a source of inspiration or that it isn't right for you. I like to switch up my home decor all of the time, so I have to watch spending and my hubby is grateful for my frugal ways.

When I set out to create my wall, I knew that I didn't want a very bulky look. Some interior designers I saw on Instagram are using full size baskets, which is totally cute on a large wall, but I was sure that wasn't possible with the setup of our living space. The dinning room is visible from all areas of the kitchen and most of the living room, so it would have been too much of a statement for my taste.  


 While I was at Hobby Lobby I found 3 baskets in various sizes. I wasn't a fan of the dark brown color, but because of the price, I knew I could paint them exactly how I wanted using DIY paint. I searched Hobby Lobby 2 separate times looking for shallow rattan baskets, before stumbling across some woven placemats. These were perfect! The mats would give me the texture I craved and would blend nicely with the other baskets, minus all of the bulk. 


For me, the hardest part of this process, was honestly arranging them the way I wanted. I can visualize the look in my mind, but I can't just throw things up on the wall and expect it too look good. That is exactly how I ended up with a million nail holes (which I have many).

Once I had the baskets laid out in a design that I liked, I took a picture to refer back to. When I start holding items up on the wall, everything starts to look so different and I easily get thrown off, so it's nice to have an image to keep me on track.


It was super easy hanging everything in place, using basic wall nails. For the placemats, I made sure to nail through an opening in the woven pattern so that it was easy to hide. Here you have the finished product. I could not recommend this style enough. This wall has become one of my favorites in the house. Hope you found this helpful!


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