A Weathered Wood Finish - Farmhouse Furniture

For the last 3 weeks Ryan and I have been working hard on this custom hutch for a client. I may have gotten in over my head a little when we decided to take this project on, but there was so much potential hiding under all of those layers of paint. There were four, after all. 


I was referred to this client through an interior designer whom I admire greatly. When I walked in and saw this gorgeous hutch, covered in this very dated paint and surrounded by a beautifully updated farmhouse style bathroom, I knew exactly what needed to be done. I could have taken the easy route and slapped another coat of paint on this beauty, but it would have been so unjust. I knew there was a treasure hiding underneath, waiting to shine through the layers of latex.


Graciously, this client trusted my vision. This hutch belonged to her father. She loves the shape and imperfections of this antique piece and I really wanted to add to that beauty and uniqueness by bringing out the gorgeous wood. Highlight the cracks and gaps, show off this beauties age and embrace it. After many hours of scrapping (I will show you those steps in another blog) we became so excited. Ryan spent so many hours grumbling, with each layer of paint that he removed. Did I mention there were four layers?

Once my vision started to take form, even he agreed we made the right decision in the path we took. Below are the steps I took to achieve this finish. It's so easy! I hope you are able to create your own beautiful finish for a piece that is special to you. Enjoy!   -Abbie






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