The Stool

Do you have a piece of furniture in your home with a long history? 

This stool was given to my granddad on the day of his birth in 1908.
Yes, you read that right!
Other than it being a gift, he had no other recollection of how old it was
or who gave it to him.
This stool was so much apart of my childhood. I loved it so much and still do.
At 5 years old this was my favorite place to sit and color at the coffee table or relax and watch my grandmom Eleanor work in the garden. I would sit and pick at the multiple layers of paint that were chipping away over the years.
I watched my granddad hunker down on this little seat while he worked on his car. Most evenings it was a rest for his feet while he watched television. 
This stool was with him nearly everyday for 93 years and he left it to me. It is one of my priceless possessions.
While remodeling our living room this past week. I decided it was time for the stool to come out of the storage closet and be seen by all. As I've gotten older I have found it to be more important for my statement pieces to have a special meaning. I will never paint this stool, I will never change it.


  • Sweet! Loved that little stool, too! Happy that it has a good home. :)

    Jennifer Kim Young
  • Lovely story honoring your Grandfather.

    Betty Marszalek

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