So this is probably going to be one of the hardest posts I will make all year. Ironically, an acoustic version of Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” is playing in the store as I type away. Talking about my grandmom Eleanor is difficult because our ending was tragic…her life on the other hand was beautiful and amazing. This post will be focused on her youth and is important to share, so here we go. Eleanor was born on December 29, 1910 in Columbus, OH.



       As a child she was extremely bright! She was trained on the piano, studied art and took elocution lessons. You'll have to google that last one, I did lol.  At the age of 5 she was struck by a trolley car while crossing the street. She was hospitalized, and laid in a coma for 3 days. Miraculously, she woke up and gradually made a full recovery.  She grew to be a very beautiful young lady, we are talking gorgeous ya'll. So much, that her parents sent her to live with her Aunt & Uncle on a farm in Gahanna during her senior year of high school. This was due to my granddad and a number of other young men, kept pursuing her. Of course, her moving didn’t stop my granddad from finding her and making frequent visits out to the country. She was a big hit at Gahanna High School and became “May Queen” the following spring...Seriously! Who walks into a new high school their senior year and gets voted prom queen?! Following graduation, Eleanor attended OSU and Columbus College of Art & Design before marrying my grandfather.



      I chose these images because they speak so much to my heart. She was intelligent, creative and loved by so many. The image of her and her girlfriend was shot during the late "Roaring 1920’s," a time when women were fighting for their rights. Showing your knees was considered risqué! I love how she is boldly looking into the camera and showing that entire knee, while her friend Opal is obviously playing along. These moments of strength, beauty and freedom are what she instilled into me. The name Eleanor is important and I take it very serious. It shows why I care so deeply about this business. If I'm going to live this life in her name, I'm going to live it well. I will serve others to the best of my ability. I want to bring you inspiration, beauty and a smile in the best way I can, as she did. It's important that you know why this name is significant...to be continued

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  • Grand Mommy would be proud.

    Susan Hill Fowler

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